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As a professional third-party inspection company, our services include product quality inspection service, supplier audit and factory inspection service, and lab testing service.   


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Teencher Inspection Co., Ltd is a third-party inspection company with more than 10 years of experience. We are dedicated to offering professional quality inspection service, container loading supervision service, factory audit & visit service, and lab testing service to all importers, wholesalers, distributors, Amazon, and, eBay sellers who import all kinds of consumer products from China and Southeast Asia countries such as Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Cambodia. As a QC inspection service provider of third-party organizations and 3rd party inspection companies in China, strict sample inspection is employed according to the international standard of AQL to control the product quality. As a 3rd party quality control provider, we also offer inspection in Pakistan, inspection India, inspection Vietnam, inspection Bangladesh, inspection Turkey, inspection Indonesia and inspection Cambodia. 
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Quality inspection is to check status and quality at various stages of production and verify product against order specifications to meet requirements and international standards before shipment.

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We inspect almost all kinds of consumer products including soft lines, hard lines, electronic and electric items, industrial and mechanical items, chemical products, and food products.

hardline quality control
Hard line product inspection Hardline industry quality control
Hard line inspection includes inspection for products such as furniture , toys, home ware , kitchen ware, gift and premiums, sports goods , etc
metal inspection
Industrial & mechanical product inspection and testing services
Industrial & mechanic product inspection covers product such as metal part , rubber part , mechnical equipment , pumps, tools , etc
soft line product inspection
Soft line product inspection Garments inspection Footwear Inspection
Soft line inspection is like garments inspection , apparel inspection , shoes , footwear, fashion accessories , bags and luggages , home textile , fabric , etc
Electronics and Electrical Product inspection
Electronic and Electrical Product inspection
Electronics and Electrics product inspection covering product like : Household Appliance , Consumer Electronics, Lighting, lighting , Mobile Phones & Pads, Computers & Laptops, Household appliances, Wearable device, Audio & Video, Lighting, Electrical tools
food product inspection
Food product inspection quality control food inspecting company inspection & testing services
Food product inspection is to check food quality by eyes and verify that it is good and fresh for eating
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Currently , we present free service for new client for sample checking in our office and phone call verification of supplier and factory.

China's economic development and Asian inspection in 2023
#Feb 15,2023
China's economic development and Asian inspection in 2023
When epidemic control is open in 2023, the level of economic prosperity will obviously pick up, China's economy will grow rapidly, the foreign trade situation will be very good, and the inspection demand will further increase in 2023. Countries around the world will still take China as the procurement center, Asia inspection will still maintain strong demand, and China inspection has the largest share.   "By the end of 2023, the comprehensive recovery of China's domestic demand will drive the global GDP growth of about 1%. This growth momentum will continue to 2024." Goldman Sachs' latest global macroeconomic research report pointed out.   Coleman, the Secretary-General of the OECD, believes that in the medium and long term, China's optimization and adjustment of epidemic prevention policies will help the supply chain operate more efficiently and thus alleviate global inflation, which will have a "very positive" impact.   The common development of all countries is real development. So far, China has signed more than 200 cooperation documents with 151 countries and 32 international organizations to jointly build the " Belt and Road".   "As the epidemic is increasingly under control, people begin to pay attention to the world's most populous market again. China adheres to the reform and opening up and is willing to play a greater role on the global stage, and will also create more opportunities for the world."
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  • Shanghai inspection service
    May 16,2022
    Shanghai inspection service
    Shanghai Inspection Service would be started in June The epidemic situation in Shanghai in 2022 is likely to end in June. With the gradual liberalization of epidemic control, it is expected that the inspection in Shanghai can also be arranged in June.
  • Increasing inspection demand in Southeast Asia due to epidemic reason
    May 05,2022
    Increasing inspection demand in Southeast Asia due to epidemic reason
    Increasing inspection demand in Southeast Asia due to epidemic reason Due to the strict control of the epidemic in China, some enterprises have transferred their production bases. In order to meet the demand for increasing orders, some customers have to turn to the Southeast Asia area for import procurement. This has led to the rapid growth of Vietnam's exports in recent quarters and the increasing demand for inspection in Vietnam, inspection in India, inspection in Bangladesh, and other Southeast Asia areas. At present, our company's inspection orders and demand in this Southeast Area have also increased significantly. Customers who need an inspection in Asia can contact us. At present, we have covered India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka,etc
  • Turkey inspection is already covered and expanded successufly
    Apr 26,2022
    Turkey inspection is already covered and expanded successufly
    At present, our inspection service has already expanded to Turkey. We can offer inspection in Turkey now and cover all area of Turkey. Turkey Inspection is our client's increasing demand outside of China.
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