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As a professional third party inspection company, our services includes product quality inspection service, supplier audit and factory inspection service and lab testing service.   


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Teencher Inspection Co., Ltd is a third-party inspection company with more than 10 years of experience. We are dedicated to offer professional quality inspection service, container loading supervision service , factory audit & visit service and lab testing service to all importer, wholesaler, distributor, Amazon and eBay seller who import all kinds of consumer products from China and Southeast Asia countries such as Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia. As a QC inspection service provider of third-party organization, strict sample inspection is employed according to international standard of AQL to control the product quality.
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Quality inspection is to check status and quality at various stages of production and verify product against order specifications to meet with requirements and international standards before shipment.

Product What We Inspect

We inspect almost all kinds of consumer products including soft lines, hard lines, electronic and electric items, industrial and mechanical items, chemical products and food products.

hardline quality control
Hard line product inspection Hardline industry quality control
Hard line inspection includes inspection for products such as furniture , toys, home ware , kitchen ware, gift and premiums, sports goods , etc
metal inspection
Industrial & mechanical product inspection
Industrial & mechanic product inspection covers product such as metal part , rubber part , mechnical equipment , pumps, tools , etc
soft line product inspection
Soft line product inspection Garments inspection Footwear Inspection
Soft line inspection is like garments inspection , apparel inspection , shoes , footwear, fashion accessories , bags and luggages , home textile , fabric , etc
Electronics and Electrical Product inspection
Electronic and Electrical Product inspection
Electronics and Electrics product inspection covering product like : Household Appliance , Consumer Electronics, Lighting, lighting , Mobile Phones & Pads, Computers & Laptops, Household appliances, Wearable device, Audio & Video, Lighting, Electrical tools
food product inspection
Food product inspection quality control food
Food product inspection is to check food quality by eyes and verify that it is good and fresh for eating 
latest news

Currently , we present free service for new client for sample checking in our office and phone call verification of supplier and factory.

Free Service For  Factory and Supplier Verification by Phone Call
#Aug 05,2021
Free Service For Factory and Supplier Verification by Phone Call
Currently we prsend one free service for new client . Before placing order to new factory and supplier , buyer usually has no idea about the factory and supplier's information , due to the time lag , it is also inconvenient to call the factory and supplier to talk to them and verify them . Here hence , we present one free service for our new client , if they want to check and verify the factory and supplier by tel , we can help with it without charge , it is just our free service for new clients ! It is very favourable help ! Phone call verification is our free service for new client  as one way of factory and supplier audit.
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  • Happy Client and Satisfied Service!
    Jun 21,2021
    Happy Client and Satisfied Service!
    We try our best to offer best service to our client, showing our honesty and professional to our client. In return, we also get praise from client, client are always happy with our reliable and professional performance.
  • Free Service for sample checking in our Office
    Jun 21,2021
    Free Service for sample checking in our Office
    We offer a special service for clients free of charge. This service is sample checking and comparison in our office . If the sample is sent to our office, we could help check the sample from the factory and compare which one is better for your option. Client may ask different factories to send the sample to our office, we would help check and compare them and give a better option and suggestion to client, thus to save time and cost for client. We would act as an agent of client to help as we can from the first step of order purchasing.
  • Company website is updated
    Jun 21,2021
    Company website is updated
    Our company website is updated and launched in July ,22th. It would be our new step for market development. We would make better future by our efforts!
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