• different types of glass and working instruction of tempered glass breakage impact test Dec 10 , 2021
    Basic information of different types of glass 1. Float glass:The molding process of float glass production is done in tin grooves leading into the protective gas,the molten glass flows continuously from the pool kiln and floats on the surface of the relatively dense tin liquid. under the action of gravity and surface tension, the glass liquid is rolled out, flattened on the tin liquid surface...
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  • Luggage fabric Oxford knowledge Dec 01 , 2021
    Luggage fabric Oxford knowledge The raw materials of fabrics used on luggage include nylon and poly, and occasionally they are mixed together. Nylon is nylon and poly is polyethylene. Both materials are extracted from petroleum. Nylon is a little better than poly. In terms of fabric, nylon feels softer. For example, n.1000d Cordura, that is, 1000D nylon Cordura, is a material + fiber degree + text...
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  • Bag quality control and Baggage Inspection Instruction Dec 01 , 2021
    Bag quality control and Baggage Inspection Instruction Regarding bags quality inspection and china bag inspection, the instruction can be included as the following : Scope范围 This document specifies the general quality requirements for “Sleeping Bag” and other similar products. It is used as a general guideline for inspection if clients have not defined their requirement. 此文件为针对箱包及类似产品验货的通用标准。...
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  • bagggage inspection criteria Dec 01 , 2021
    INSPECTION CRITERIA (Refer to drawing of Appendix B) 3.0 检验标准(参考附录B) DEFECT DESCRIPTION/主要的缺陷 3.1 COSMETIC AND PACKAGING 外观与包装 Cri./严重 Maj./主要 Min./次要 3.1.1 Products General Appearance/产品的总体外观 a)       Does not match approved sample such as shape,size,color,dimension thickess(per severity) 与确认样不符,包括形状、尺寸、颜色、规格、厚度 × × b)      material used not ...
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  • how to inspect handbag Nov 26 , 2021
    How to inspect handbag ? Products made from real leather or imitations, such as PU, are very popular these days and quality issues are quite common. While a different set of tests applies for hides, today’s article focuses on the list of the main inspection tests for leather bags. inspection tests for leather bags  & Handbag inspection 1. Smell Test While it may sound funny at first, the ...
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  • Case study of handbag inspection Nov 24 , 2021
    Case study of handbag inspection Key points of handbag inspection: A The inspector shall make a form in the preparation before inspection and record the key inspection contents. The content of these records is naturally the focus of inspection; B Check whether the materials and colors of main materials, auxiliary materials and lining are in accordance with the plate and color card according to the...
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  • Wooden Furniture Inspection & Wooden Furniture Quality Control Oct 15 , 2021
    Wooden Furniture Inspection & Wooden Furniture Quality Control General appearance inspection 1. The surface color of each part of the furniture shall not have color difference, and the accessories shall be matched and coordinated 2. The surface shall be free of roughness and dirt, oil or impurities 3. The surface edge, scratch, crack, notch, concave convex mark, burr and arching shall be well ...
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  • how to measure shoes size Oct 13 , 2021
    鞋子尺寸测量(Size measurement of shoes) For shoes inspection , how to measure the shoes size of insole ? 1. 测试仪器 Test Instrument: 软尺适用于容易直接测量的鞋头开放的鞋;卷尺适用于难以用软尺伸到内部测量的鞋头闭合鞋 The soft ruler is suitable for shoes with open toe that are easy to measure directly; The tape measure is applicable to closed shoes whose toe is difficult to measure with a soft ruler 2. 测量原则Measurement principle: 尽量直接...
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  • inspection of glass product study on its defects , procedure and standard Oct 13 , 2021
    外观检验标准 Glass Inspection Standar For glass quality inspection , the defect content can be sorted out as the following according to its defect and quality level : 缺 陷 质量水平 缺 陷  内 容 Critical (致命缺陷) 0 1、 瓶身:冷爆、破损、裂口、裂纹、合模线利边Bottle: cold explosion, breakage, crack, mould line sharp edge 2、 瓶口:凹凸、椭圆、大小不一、毛口、利边、密封不良Bottle mouth: concave and convex, elliptical, size is different, rough selvedge, shar...
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