• How to do drop test ? Jul 14 , 2021
    Why Drop test is required  ? When cargo arrived at the port or the warehouse , we would sometimes find that cartons damage and fallen apart and the goods inside are damaged beyond repair during delivery , loading and unloading. It is really a risk and problem , especially for pristine、high-quality and valued product . The goods should meets all your expectations and specificati...
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  • On site test items list for hard goods Jul 30 , 2021
    On-site test items list for Hard Goods 1 产品全部功能的验证检查 Product performance check 2 晃动检查 Wobble check 3 过针测试 Metal detection test 4 把手强度测试 Handle strength test 5 拉链的寿命测试 Zipper life check 6 蜡烛燃烧测试 Candle burning check 7 防水测试 Water resistance check 8 配比检查 Assortment check 9 含水率检查 Moisture content check 10 负重测试 Loading test 11 钢化玻璃打破检查 Breakage tempered glass test 12 材料硬度测试 Material hardness check 13 内...
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  • How to inspect garment and apparel ? Aug 15 , 2021
    How to inspect garment and apparel ? 1. What is AQL  ? AQL is abbreviate as average quality level, it is a parameter of inspection, not a standard. During inspection, the sampling quantity and the quantity of qualified and unqualified products are determined according to the batch range, inspection level and AQL value. The one-time sampling scheme is adopted for garment quality inspectio...
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  • Quality inspection standard for handbag products Aug 27 , 2021
    Quality inspection standard for handbag products For quality inspection of handbag products , we need to know its standard and how to conduct bag testing : A. How are handbags classified 1. It can be divided into men's bags and women's bags according to the gender of users; 2. It is divided into cow leather bag, sheep leather bag, PU bag, PVC bag, Oxford cloth bag, nylon bag, straw woven bag, canv...
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  • Packaging Knowledge Sep 12 , 2021
    Packing Knowledge During Inspection , packaging inspection is also an important section , it is a kind of quality control for packaging in order to protect the product safety and avoid damage as packaging quality assurance . The importance for package. 1.Make the product more attractive 2.For protection the product safety 3.Carry out the importance information for user. The product packing knowled...
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  • inspection of glass product study on its defects , procedure and standard Oct 13 , 2021
    外观检验标准 Glass Inspection Standar For glass quality inspection , the defect content can be sorted out as the following according to its defect and quality level : 缺 陷 质量水平 缺 陷  内 容 Critical (致命缺陷) 0 1、 瓶身:冷爆、破损、裂口、裂纹、合模线利边Bottle: cold explosion, breakage, crack, mould line sharp edge 2、 瓶口:凹凸、椭圆、大小不一、毛口、利边、密封不良Bottle mouth: concave and convex, elliptical, size is different, rough selvedge, shar...
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