Quality inspection standard for handbag products

August 27 , 2021

Quality inspection standard for handbag products

Quality inspection standard for handbag products

For quality inspection of handbag products , we need to know its standard and how to conduct bag testing :

A. How are handbags classified

1. It can be divided into men's bags and women's bags according to the gender of users;

2. It is divided into cow leather bag, sheep leather bag, PU bag, PVC bag, Oxford cloth bag, nylon bag, straw woven bag, canvas bag, paper bag, environmental protection bag, etc;

3. It can be divided into travel bag, sports bag, briefcase, computer bag, handbag, wallet, schoolbag, shopping bag, wallet, etc;

4. According to the way of carrying, it can be divided into waist bag, handbag, shoulder bag, diagonal bag, handbag, backpack and so on.

5. Box type: trolley case, toolbox, suitcase, suitcase, EVA case, etc

B. Handbag structure

The handbags we see are complex and diverse. However, if we analyze them comprehensively, we will find that most handbags have such a common structure: they are composed of three basic components: front, rear, large circumference, left circumference, right circumference, large body, front, rear and bottom material. The front of some handbags is made of various and colorful fabrics. The front of the front panel is also equipped with flat or three-dimensional front bags and front outer bags, and the rear panel is also equipped with rear bags. The large circumference is divided into bottom circumference and zipper circumference, and two symmetrical side bags are installed on both sides of the large circumference.

C. Handbag Inspection Procedure

1. Quality requirements for raw materials

1.1 The adhesion and flexibility of PU material are normal. The paint surface shall be slightly rubbed without whitening, fracture and blistering. The wear resistance shall meet the national standard. There shall be no inclusion marks and cracks on the surface of PU material. There shall be no yin-yang color between the same PU material (except that some PU materials have natural color or multi-color effect). Color difference and wrinkle between each PU material in the same package are unacceptable.

1.2 no matter whether the fabric is knitted or combed, the fabric shall be flat, without drawing and nodule, and the color fastness shall meet the standard.

1.3 the lining cloth and webbing shall be rubbed with white cotton cloth for 60 times without fading, desizing and bleaching. The appearance of the lining cloth shall be free of drawing, yarn turning, yarn missing, yarn jumping, hook wire, roving, color difference, big belly yarn, stain, hole, warp break, crease and wrinkle.

1.4 the zipper shall be rubbed with white cotton cloth for 100 times without fading and bleaching. Durability: pull for 100 times without tooth loss, wrong tooth and damage. The fabric requirements are the same as the inspection requirements of inner cloth and webbing. The tooth chain is required to be free of dislocation, tooth loss, brightness, rust residue, missing plating, tight buckle and shaking.

1.5 hardware cracks and scratches are not allowed (the acceptable length of non sensory scratches is 1.5cm, the width is 0.3mm, and the non sensory scratches are visually obvious, which is determined by the sensory scratches), the sharp edge touch is not allowed to hurt the hand, the oxidized surface is not allowed (black spots on the section are allowed, red spots and strip rust are not allowed), stains, deformation, inconsistent materials, pinholes, electrode black shadows, white spots, water marks, acid spitting, delamination and skin warping Excessive pickling is not allowed.

2. Production process quality requirements

2.1 quality requirements for embossing, embossing, watermark and embroidery

2.1.1 the logo of the company's standard size shall be used uniformly. The embossing and pattern shall be clear, blurred, and the font adhesion is not acceptable.

2.1.2 wrong font (English) or wrong position is not acceptable.

2.1.3 different embossing depth, color fading and wrong color are not acceptable.

3.1 oil edge quality requirements:


All parts requiring oil edge must be oiled for more than three times. If it is found that it is uneven in one grinding, it must be polished.


The oil edge distance shall not exceed 1mm, the oil edge of the same part shall not have color difference, and the color matching must be the same.

3.2.3 the edge oil shall not cross the surface, no beads or marks, and no hand scraping. It shall be full and smooth.

3.2 table process quality requirements:


For the four sides of the folded edge support, the glue brushing is 5 points. If there are glue particles in the bonded cutting piece, it is not acceptable. The glue shall not be rubbed too wide, over surface, granulation, and wrinkled leather shall be ironed smoothly before production.


The folding zipper window must be a cuboid rectangle with a height of 12mm and an angle of 90 degrees. Broken corners are not acceptable. The hem shall be smooth, solid and straight, without empty edge and bending, the chain window shall not be broken, the corner shall not burst, and the corner shall be round and smooth.


The pocket opening shall be flat, neat and aligned with the tooth position, no glue shall be exposed, the shoulder strap shall be of the same width and length, and the pull head shall distinguish the positive and negative directions.


The arm and shoulder straps are oil edged and must be covered with rubber cylinders.


The enclosure bottom, side wall and large body surface shall be glued flush, and the difference of 0.25/8 is acceptable.


The zipper head is used incorrectly, the zipper head is not covered with glue, the wrong use of zipper cloth is unacceptable, the opening of zipper elephant trunk is too large, the zipper card is easy to pull out, the color difference between zipper cloth and PU material is unacceptable, and the zipper is too tight, difficult to pull or explosive to open.


Reverse or wrinkling of the hand is not acceptable.

3.2.8 the color filled in the pinhole position shall be consistent with the color of the leather material, and shall not be infiltrated on the large body surface, gold or printed. It is not acceptable.


It is unacceptable that the edge coating oil is too thick or too thin. The edge coating shall be uniform and smooth and cannot be coated on the surface of the skin. It is unacceptable that the edge oil cracks, cracks or falls after slight pulling.


The bottom is surrounded by a shell, and the four feet of the bag shall have throwing positions, which shall be folded to keep the corners and large surface smooth.

3.3 process quality requirements of parking space:

3.3.1 8.5 stitches for 1-inch thread, less than 7 and a half stitches if it is too sparse, more than 9 stitches if it is too dense, it is not acceptable, the edge distance shall not exceed 0.2mm, and the double lines shall be parallel.


Missing wires, jumpers and broken wires are not acceptable.


The car line is not straight, and the car line at the corner is not round and smooth, which is not acceptable.


If the bead is too loose, a stitch is not acceptable. If the bead is tight, it is acceptable if it is shorter than 1.5 inches, and it is not acceptable if it is too long.


The reverse, folding and rotten lining cloth are unacceptable. It is acceptable that the lining cloth at the mouth of the bag is 0.25/8 higher than the inner line of the edge of the bag, and more than this provision is unacceptable.


If there is a hanging bag around the side, the missing car hanging bag is not acceptable. The hanging bag should be straightened, the car deviation is not acceptable, and the missing wire at the connection between the enclosure bottom and the side enclosure is not acceptable.


The binding edge shall be solid, the binding hole shall not be accepted, the binding edge shall be uniform, the width shall not be accepted, the grain binding edge wrinkle shall not be accepted, and the binding edge reverse shall not be accepted. If the inner edge is not in accordance with the company's requirements, it will not be accepted.


The wrapped bone shall be round and smooth. If the wrapped bone is too thin, it is not acceptable. The wrapped bone shall be close. The gap position shall not exceed 0.5/8, which is acceptable within 0.5 points. The butt joint shall be aligned. If it is not aligned, it is not acceptable. Both sides of the cladding shall be balanced. One side shall be high and the other side shall be low. It is not acceptable. The cladding shall be uniform, symmetrical and with obvious difference. It is not acceptable.


It is unacceptable to miss the marks in the car, reverse the car, reverse the car, fold the car and deviate from the car. The hardware shall be installed evenly, and the difference is obvious, which is unacceptable.

3.3.10 if the zipper tail skin is pasted incorrectly, the zipper is turned upside down, the two ends are not turned in place, and the size of the side of the car is different, it is not acceptable.


It is not acceptable to miss the line, not in place, wrong position and perforation at the pocket opening.


The hand-held car line shall be scored, and it is not accepted if the score exceeds "0.25/8".

3.3.13 the top line shall not be heavy, the needle shall not be too long, and the bottom line shall not have jumpers, beads, loose lines and disordered lines. 0.75 stop, the packing shall be marked correctly, the four corners of the buried bag shall be symmetrical without skew, the stressed parts shall be reinforced firmly, and the zipper shall be straight without waves.

4.1 process quality requirements for hardware


Missing nailing, deformation, too loose, too tight, scraping, electroplating exposed copper bottom, and broken PU material surface are unacceptable.


The marks and nails inside the hardware are offset and not firm, which is not acceptable.


The hardware parts shall be wrapped with protective film when leaving the factory. Acid proof treatment, hardware fading, gold explosion, deformation and oxidation are unacceptable.


Broken hardware lock, difficult opening and closing and wrong lock are not acceptable, and the magnetic button suction is too weak.

5.1 packaging process quality requirements


The thread end shall be burned flat at the wire burning part, and long thread ends are not acceptable.


Marks left after burning leather or thread are not acceptable.


Missing or broken wires are not acceptable.


The paper bag should be full in shape. Too much or too little is not acceptable.


Missing or misplacing shoulder straps and missing moisture-proof beads are unacceptable.


Missing or wrong hanging of tag is unacceptable.


The order of entering the plastic bag and the position of pasting the adhesive paper shall be unified, and the wrong cloth bag and plastic bag are not acceptable.


Bar code stickers shall be pasted in a unified position, and wrong stickers are not acceptable.


The shipping mark shall be clearly written, the packing shall not be too tight, and the spacer card shall be placed. The missing spacer card is not acceptable.

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