Why silica gel is necessary for packaging ?

August 11 , 2021

Why silica gel is necessary for packaging ?

Function of silica gel :

Silica gel is called silica gel just because it has one function, that is, absorbing water.

1. Prevent clothes and shoes from mildew: when changing seasons, put several bags of silica gel in box and carton to prevent clothes from moisture, mildew and deformation.

2. Keep the seeds dry: if the collected seeds are afraid of germination due to moisture, you can put a bag of silica gel in the storage box.

3. Prevent metal tools from rusting: put several bags of silica gel in the toolbox to slow down tool rusting.

4. Slight water ingress into the mobile phone: when your mobile phone has slight water get in but it still can work, you should turn it off immediately, then put the mobile phone in a glass jar, put more silica gel in the jar, close the lid, and place it for a period of time to suck out the water in the mobile phone.

Silica gel  refer to substances that can remove moisture from moist substances. They are often divided into two categories: chemical silica gel, such as calcium sulfate and calcium chloride, which are dried by combining with water to form hydrate; Physical silica gel, such as silica gel and activated alumina, are dried by physically adsorbing water.

The control of moisture is closely related to the yield of products. In the case of food, under appropriate temperature and humidity, bacteria and molds in food will multiply at an alarming rate, causing food decay, moisture and color change. Electronic products will also cause metal oxidation due to high humidity, resulting in defective products. The use of silica gel is to avoid the occurrence of defective products caused by excess water.

Which kind of products need silica gel ?

Silica gel is used in the following industries and products:

1. Electronic products, metal products, food, medicine, precision machinery and equipment, communication products, military building materials, light industrial products. Ocean transportation.

2. container transportation, in container / tin can export, seed, grain export; Steel export food, such as melon seeds, moon cakes, peanuts, biscuits, plum, tea, bread, bagged fried food, etc.

3. silica gel  is suitable for preventing instruments, meters, electrical equipment, drugs, food, textiles and other packaging items from moisture.

In what area silica gel is necessary ?

Silica gel is also widely used in transportation by sea, because goods are often affected by moisture and deterioration due to high temperature during transportation.

Silica gel can effectively remove moisture and moisture, so as to ensure the quality of goods;

Silica gel is widely used in containers during shipment by sea during transportation or storage, the water vapor in the container will condense into water droplets because of the marine high humidity climate and large temperature difference between day and night, so as to reduce the content of air moisture in the container and prevent the occurrence of container rain;

Special silica gel for medical and health products, biological reagents and food industry.

Special silica gel features: high hygiene requirements, packaging materials have been demonstrated by FDA, the product is small, efficient, exquisite and environment-friendly, and has good compatibility and chemical stability.

Does knitting product require silica gel for packaging ?

Pure cotton knitting product is susceptible to moisture, and silica gel is usually added to prevent moisture during packaging. Silica gel can effectively prevent pure cotton knitted products from moisture during storage and transportation, and avoid product mildew and deterioration. Silica gel is non-toxic and environment-friendly. It is suitable for moisture-proof of most products. At the same time, silica gel can be in direct contact with food. It is very safe.

Which area silica gel is commonly used ?

Our common silica gel include silica gel, mineral / montmorillonite, calcium chloride, etc.

The types and characteristics of different silica gel are different, so we should choose the products suitable for you according to the characteristics of silica gel . For example, silica gel is characterized by environmental protection, safety and non toxicity, and can be in direct contact with food. Therefore, it will be suitable for products with high safety requirements, such as food, drugs, electronic precision instruments and so on.

For some industrial products with low safety requirements, such as shoes, clothes, hats, wardrobe, etc., we can use desiccant products such as mineral / montmorillonite and calcium chloride. Only by using corresponding desiccant products with different product characteristics can we control the cost and improve the use effect. 

Silica Gel is used to anti mold pack , that is silica packets uses , sometimes anti mold sticker is also added for packing use . 

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