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Electronics and Electrics Item includes

Consumer electronics, Domestic appliances & Lighting kitchenwares, Testing equipment,
Toys, IT & Telecommunication equipment, Audio & Video products, various types of luminaires
including LED, fluorescent, and halogen lighting products, Fixed lighting, Hand-
held lighting, Nightlights, LED drivers, Portable lighting, Signal lighting, Embedded lighting,
Lamp holders, Christmas lights, Energy-saving lighting, Irons, Electric blanket, Juice extractor,
Vacuum cleaner, Mixer/blender, Massage appliances, Coffee maker, Microwave oven, Fans,
Refrigeration appliance, Toaster, Food processor, Air drier, Grill, Fireplaces, Hair straightener,
Heater, Electrical tools, Electrical vehicles, Computer parts, Remote control toys, Health & Beauty products.

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