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    Juicer inspection
    Juicer inspection Juicer quality control
    Juicer is a machine that can quickly squeeze fruit and vegetables into fruit and vegetable juice, small and domestic. After starting the machine, the motor drives the knife network to rotate at high speed. Push the fruit and vegetables from the feeding mouth to the knife net. The sharp thorns of the knife net chop the fruit and vegetables. Under the centrifugal force of the juicer produced by the high-speed operation of the knife net, the fruit slag flies out of the knife net into the slag box, and the juice wears the knife net and flows into the juice cup. Teencher Inspection  team consists of professional quality control and international trade experts, each member with extensive inspection experience and very strong sense of service. our inspection can help you to reduce logistics costs, return risk, complaints, compensation and potential brand reputation due to quality problems.

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