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In a world where time-to-market is critical for success, retailers must also strive to maintain the quality and safety of their products. Consumers are increasingly concerned about these issues and expect brands to control and manage them effectively. In this challenging environment, consumer products testing is essential but often neglected due to limited expertise, time and money. Product recalls can result, damaging the brand’s reputation and causing financial loss.

We provides you with a unique lab testing service that expedites product lab testing and helps alleviate time-to-market challenges for retailers and importers.

Product lab testing is relevant at all stages of the manufacturing process, from the approved sample through to the production sample and finished goods. For compliance, re-assurance or performance, the extensive capabilities of WORMS SAFETY LABORATORIES allow you to customize the service based on your needs for a wide range of product testing including chemical, mechanical, electrical and flammability testing for textiles, garments, bags, luggage, toys, furniture, gifts and premiums, electrical and electronic products and more.

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