• Shanghai inspection service
    May 16, 2022 Shanghai inspection service
    Shanghai Inspection Service would be started in June The epidemic situation in Shanghai in 2022 is likely to end in June. With the gradual liberalization of epidemic control, it is expected that the inspection in Shanghai can also be arranged in June.
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  • Increasing inspection demand in Southeast Asia due to epidemic reason
    May 05, 2022 Increasing inspection demand in Southeast Asia due to epidemic reason
    Increasing inspection demand in Southeast Asia due to epidemic reason Due to the strict control of the epidemic in China, some enterprises have transferred their production bases. In order to meet the demand for increasing orders, some customers have to turn to the Southeast Asia area for import procurement. This has led to the rapid growth of Vietnam's exports in recent quarters and the increasing demand for inspection in Vietnam, inspection in India, inspection in Bangladesh, and other Southeast Asia areas. At present, our company's inspection orders and demand in this Southeast Area have also increased significantly. Customers who need an inspection in Asia can contact us. At present, we have covered India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka,etc
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  • Turkey inspection is already covered and expanded successufly
    April 26, 2022 Turkey inspection is already covered and expanded successufly
    At present, our inspection service has already expanded to Turkey. We can offer inspection in Turkey now and cover all area of Turkey. Turkey Inspection is our client's increasing demand outside of China.
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  • recruit product inspector , QC Inspector In Vietnam , Pakistan and Turkey
    February 16, 2022 recruit product inspector , QC Inspector In Vietnam , Pakistan and Turkey
    Re: Product Inspector Job recruitment We are a third-party inspection company, an amazon inspector supplier, and a china product inspector supplier. Now we are expanding our business and seeking QC inspectors in Vietnam and Turkey. If you are an experienced QC job inspector in these two countries and have rich experience in soft lines and hard lines, you can send us your resume by email at sales@tc-inspection.com.
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  • furniture retailer struggle with depleted inventories after Vietnam lockdowns
    December 30, 2021 furniture retailer struggle with depleted inventories after Vietnam lockdowns
    Regarding Vietnam furniture and Vietnam furniture inspection inspection Vietnam became one of the major furniture manufacturing regions after tariffs were imposed on China, but recent Covid lockdowns mean furniture retailers are seeing a large backlog of orders which could last into 2022. Furniture companies face delayed orders and depleted inventories as factories in Vietnam work to ramp up production and address a backlog of orders following months of coronavirus lockdowns. Pottery Barn parent company Williams-Sonoma is experiencing inventory delays, particularly in children's home furnishings, as suppliers in Vietnam work to boost production, CEO Laura Alber said during the company's Q3 earnings call. La-Z-Boy expects a temporary decline in sales in its case goods business due to shipping and manufacturing delays, CFO Bob Lucian told analysts in November. The two companies are working to shift manufacturing and sourcing to bypass transportation delays and other bottlenecks, executives said. La-Z-Boy is increasing production in plants in the U.S. and Mexico, while Williams-Sonoma is expanding its supplier base outside of Vietnam. Dive Insight: High demand for furniture and a slow manufacturing rebound in Vietnam is expected to keep inventory levels low well into 2022, executives said. Factories in Vietnam reopened on Oct. 1 after nearly three months of coronavirus lockdowns, and manufacturers face a large backlog of orders in addition to a steady stream of new ones. La-Z-Boy is only now shipping out orders it placed with suppliers in July. "Our biggest challenge is the fact that everything that we had ordered from them in July is all pretty much gone," Lucian said. "We received that and we're now shipping that out. It's going&nb...
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  • How to make fragile global supply chains stronger and more sustainable
    November 22, 2021 How to make fragile global supply chains stronger and more sustainable
    How to make fragile global supply chains stronger and more sustainable In 2019, global supply chains moved more than US$19 trillion in exported gohttps://www.tc-inspection.com/how-to-make-fragile-global-supply-chains-stronger-and-more-sustainable_n29ods. The production and sale of many items we need and use — including toys, clothes, food, electronics, and home furniture — depend on global supply chains. For most of us, supply chains are no longer an abstract concept. The COVID-19 pandemic raised our awareness about the interdependence of our economic systems. We now understand the many ways these chains directly shape and impact our lives. The pandemic has also revealed the fragility of global supply chains as U.S. President Joe Biden and others warn of the impact on the world economy of continuing supply-chain bottlenecks. A supply chain is a set of organizations — like suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers — that work together to provide end customers with a specific product or service. The supply chain becomes global when the product or service crosses multiple international boundaries. Global supply chain organizations are directly and indirectly dependent on each other. Supply chain problems cascade Global supply chains have conventionally been focused on achieving financial efficiency above all else. The result is messy and fragile global supply chain systems. In practice, the decisions made and actions were taken by each organization affect the performance of the entire supply chain. A problem at any point feeds other problems at different stages of the chain. A product shortage at a retail store, for example, might be caused by unsuspected problems such as labor issues, raw material shortages, or clogged pores. Semiconductor shortages are disrupting the automobile industry. Meanwhile, the cost of moving a container from China to the west coast of North America is estimated to have increased by 650 percent since before the pandemic. Race to the bottom The pursuit of financial efficiency has shifted global production to low-cost regions, increased the flows of freights, caused port congestion, and eroded the resilience of supply chains. Cutting costs above all else became a race to the bottom. It resulted in global economies with limited redundancies, contingencies, and safeguards. Fragile global supply chains are exacerbated by the fragmentation of decision-making processes, limited collaboration between buyers and suppliers, and transactional management. There is no obvious centralized business or authority commanding and controlling these chains. Instead, several companies co-operate and compete for the value created. Global supply chains also account for large contributions to greenhouse gas emissions and have an impact on air, land, and water biodiversity and geological resources. A typical company’s supply chain is responsible for 80 percent of its greenhouse emissions and more than 90 percent of its contribution...
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