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  • Electric iron inspection
    Electric iron inspection
    Electric iron inspection quality control steam iron
    Electric iron is a tool for leveling clothes and cloth, generally power between 300 and 1000W. Its types can be divided into: ordinary type, temperature regulating type, steam spray type, etc. Ordinary iron is simple, cheap and easy to manufacture and repair. Temperature regulating electric iron can automatically adjust the temperature in the range of 60-250 ℃, can automatically cut off the power, can be ironing at the appropriate temperature according to different clothes, save electricity than normal type. Steam spray type electric iron has both the temperature adjustment function, but also can produce steam, some are also equipped with spray devices, eliminating the trouble of artificial spray water, and the clothing moisture is more uniform, and the ironing effect is better. Teencher Inspection team consists of professional quality control and international trade experts, each member with extensive inspection experience and very strong sense of service. our inspection service can help you to reduce logistics costs, return risk, complaints, compensation and potential brand reputation due to quality problems.

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