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    Vacuum cleaner inspection
    Vacuum cleaner inspection quality control Home vacuum cleaner
    Home vacuum cleaner is the use of the fan impeller in the high speed drive of the motor, the blades in the impeller continuously work to the air, so that the air in the impeller gets energy, and discharge the fan at an extremely high speed. At the same time, the air at the front end of the fan continues to replenish the air in the impeller, resulting in instantaneous vacuum in the vacuum cleaner, which forms a fairly high negative pressure difference between the atmospheric pressure in the outside outside, the garbage and dust near the suction nozzle enter the vacuum cleaner with the air, through the filter inside the vacuum cleaner, the garbage and dust remain in the dust tank, and the air is filtered into the whole process of dust absorption. Teencher Inspection  team consists of professional quality control and international trade experts, each member with extensive inspection experience and very strong sense of service. our inspection can help you to reduce logistics costs, return risk, complaints, compensation and potential brand reputation due to quality problems.

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