What quality standards do we use for product inspection?

Jun 28, 2021

Based on the acceptable quality limit sampling size chosen from the AQL tables, we carefully ensure to select random production samples. We inspect each sample and classify the defects into critical, major and minor defects. We use detailed product checklists for these definitions. Your are invited to make amendments if there are any product-specific issues we need to take into account.

Critical Defect - A defect which experience and judgment indicates is likely to result in a hazardous or injurious to the user, or makes the product subject to governmental seizure.
Major Defect - Any unit having a defect other than critical is likely to result in failure, or to reduce materially the usability of the unit for its intended purpose. Having a aesthetics defect or construction problem which is deviated from the standard. At a result, which can cause ustomer return.
Minor Defect - Any unit having a defect that is not likely to reduce the usability of the unit for its intended purpose, or is departure from established standards having little bearing on the effective use of the products.

According to the number of defects found for each type, we will advise you to accept or to reject your shipment. You can then make your own decision based on the detailed report we have provided, discuss the findings with your vendor, ask him to rework, re-produce or sort out the defective products.

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